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Bombay Cat Breed

Bombay Cat Breed
Bombay Cat Breed

The Bombay cat breed normally refers to two different cat breeds. They are British Bombay and American Bombay. Both these types of cats show similar characteristics. Hence they are grouped under same category. The physical characteristics, cat rescue, cats for adoption, their personality characteristics, grooming, diet and caring tips all are discussed in the article below.

Physical Characteristics of Bombay Cat

Bombay cat is a medium sized, muscular cat with a strong and heavy built. It weighs around 6-11 lbs (2.7 to 5.6 Kg). The average life span of this cat breed is 13 to 15 years if proper car is taken. Bombay cat has the jet black, lustrous coat. The eyes of cat have gold to copper color with the solid body and sweet facial expressions. The Bombay cat breed has a unique look.

It is not the naturally occurring cat breed but the hybrid one with distinctive features. It is a medium sized cat with well balanced friendly appearance. It is always alert, active and outgoing cat. The body and tail of the cat are of same length. It has rounded medium sized head, wide set ears and moderate nose. The eyes of the cat are large and round and the cat overall look of the cat is excellently proportioned.

Bombay Breed Rescue

This is the rarely found cat breed. The cat rescue is necessary in many cases. Many international and local organizations are functioning for rescue of cats of this breed. Some of these international organizations are also assisting the local rescue centers in their rescue process. They are training the people to become the professional rescuers. These organizations have trained professionals those look after and properly care for the rescued cats. If any of the cat is suffering from any illness or disability, it is treated at these rescue centers till it becomes normal and then it is made available for adoption. You can contact any of the rescue centers nearby you if you are thinking of adopting the cat for your home. The cat rescue is required in cases when the pet owners have turned older and are not able to take necessary care of their pet. It is also required if the owners are shifting to the new locality and they cannot take their pet to the new place. Cat rescue is required if any cat is left alone due to some infectious illness or permanent disability.

Bombay Cat Breed for Adoption

If you wish to adopt the Bombay cat, you can contact the cat rescue center near to your place and look for the cat of your choice. The main aim of the rescue centers is to provide home to the neglected cats. Adopting the cats from the rescue centers, you will be directly helping the cats and the rescue centers. Don’t worry about the diseases or infections suffered by these cats. There are trained professionals at the rescue centers those make the complete health check up of the cat before handing it to the adopter. These cats are well treated for any diseases and made available after being healthy. You also have the alternative to choose the cat from the pet store, but adopting it from the cat rescue centers will provide you personal satisfaction.

Bombay Breed Personality

Bombay breed are the outgoing, friendly and fun loving cats. They are more sociable cats and make a great family pet. They are very much agile and athletic creatures.

Grooming, Diet and Care

The Bombay cats have short hair coat on their body. The coat is so close to the body that it hardly requires grooming. However, cat will like the use of pet brush on its body. In case of diet, some cats of this breed have different appetites. Some Bombay cats eat only cat food while some will eat whatever you feed them.


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