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British Short hair Cat Breed

British Short hair Cat Breed
British Short hair Cat Breed

British short hair is a domestic cat. The features of the cat make it more popular cat for the cat shows. The Government Council of Cat Fancy has registered it as the most popular cat breed since 2001. They have thick and smart coat and large round eyes. The physical characteristics, personality characteristics, grooming tips, etc. are described below. All these details will help you to take care of your pet if you are adopting it.

Physical Characteristics of British Short hair Cat Breed

The British short hair is a stocky, compact and powerful cat with sturdy long legs and broad chest. The legs of the cat are quite thick to hold their muscular body. Because of the muscular look of the cat, it is often referred as bulldog of the cat world. British short hairs have large and broad heads. Eyes of the cat stand out and seem large and round. The ears of the cat are relatively small compared to the overall body size with the rounded tips that are set apart from each other. They have alert noses and rounded chins with powerful jaw. It has the short and dense body coat.

British Short hair Rescue

National and international cat rescue organizations are working for the rescue of cats of different breeds. Some of the international rescue organizations are helping the local rescue institutes in their rescue process. They are also training the people for performing the rescue techniques and caring measures. Rescue centers also check the rescued cats for any health related issues. If the cat is found positive for any infectious disease or any disability, it is treated at these rescue centers. There are trained professionals at these rescue centers those will help you in the rescue process.

The cat rescue is necessary in case if the cat owner has turned old and cannot take necessary care of their pet or the owner is shifting to some other location and cannot take their pet there. It is also required if the cat is left alone when it is suffering from any infectious diseases or some physical disabilities. The professionals at the rescue centers will take proper care of these neglected or abused cats.

Adoption of British Short hair

If you are looking of adopting a cat for your home, the British short hair will be a great choice. You can either look at the pet stores or the rescue centers for the cats of this breed. You can choose either the fully grown cat or the kitten of this breed. The objective of the rescue centers is to provide family to the lost or neglected cats. Adopting the cat from cat rescue centers means you will be providing home to the homeless cat. Doing this you will also get self satisfaction and peace of mind. When adopting the British short hair, visit the nearest cat rescue center and look for the appropriate cat that suits your requirements. Make sure that cat does not suffer from any physical injury or disability.

British Short hair Personality

The British short hairs are good natured, non-demanding and tolerant cats. They have extreme high level of intelligence; hence they can be easily trained. This is the main reason why they are generally more popular in cat shows. They are very quiet and non vocal cats. They love to play with children and get along well with dogs.

Grooming, Diet and Caring Tips for British Short hair

As they have short hair coat, they require less grooming. Grooming twice a week will keep the coat shiny and healthy. As they have pretty large body, British short hairs consume lots of food. They often require 70 Kcal per Kg of nourishment per day. These cats often become obese once they are spayed.


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