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American Shorthair Cat Breed

American Shorthair Cat Breed
American Shorthair Cat Breed

The American short hair cat breed is considered to be developed from the English domestic cats that were brought to North America by the early British traders to protect the expensive goods from rats and mice. It is one of the most common cat breeds in America. American short hair comes in eight different colors and has several color patterns. Silver tabby is the most favorite American Shorthair cat. The American short hair is a self sufficient and easy going cat breed and hence it makes a good family pet. The article discusses the physical characteristics, personality and other details about American short hair cat breed.

Physical Characteristics

American short hair is a medium to large sized cat breed with beautiful appearance. Males of this breed weight around 11 to 15 pounds and females weigh around 8 to 12 pound. These cats have less rounded face than their other equivalent cat breeds. These cats have muscular body and exhibit power and alertness. Kittens take 3-4 years to turn into adults. Eyes are bright and clear. They are fairly spaced far apart and have half almond cut shape. The body coat of cat is short and thick and has hard texture. Body hairs are dense enough to protect the cat from extreme weather conditions. American short hairs are available in over 80 color patterns. Due to the dense coat, these cats require frequent brushing to avoid matting.

American Short hair Rescue

There are many international cat rescue organizations working for the rescue of the cats of different breeds. These institutions are helping the local organizations in their rescue task. The American short hair rescue is required when the cat owner has left the cat alone due to some problems. It may be because the cat is suffering from any disabilities or long-term illnesses. If the cat owners are going for the vacation or shifting their place and it is not possible to take the cat to new place, the cat is required to be shifted to such rescue centers. If any cat of this breed is found roaming alone, you can contact the cat rescue canters and handover the cat to them. These rescue centers take necessary care of cats and treat them for any diseases.

American Short hair for Adoption

The cat rescue centers provide the cats for adoption as pets. If you are looking of adopting one for your family, you can contact the nearest American short hair rescue center and look for the suitable cat. These rescue centers are working for providing homes to these neglected cats.

American Short hair Personality

American short hair is affectionate and loving cat breed. It is a pleasant companion, good going and calm cat. The cat doesn’t need attention from the owners and it loves to play by himself. It is a good companion cat for people who need a company. The American short hairs are known for their soft voices and compliant personalities. They are extremely intelligent cats and hence can be easily trained. They adapt well to other animals and children. If proper care is taken, the life span of American short hair lasts up to 15 to 20 years.


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