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American Wirehair Cat Breed

American Wirehair Cat Breed
American Wirehair Cat Breed

It is the rarest cat breed in America. It was developed as a result of genetic mutation. The American wirehairs are medium size powerful cats. The cat is heavily muscled and has heavy bones. The presented article discusses the details about the physical characteristics, personality and American wirehair rescue and adoption.

Physical Characteristics

The American wirehair has the broad chest and muscular neck. It has well developed muzzle and strong jaws. All the body parts in adults are well developed. The legs are strong and thick. Head of the cat is slightly longer and wider and eyes are rounded in shape. Ears are rounded at the tip. This breed’s females are smaller than males. The body coat of cat comes in all colors and patterns. The coat is thick, coarse and crimped all over the body. It is soft to touch and springs back in place when ruffled.

Some of the wire hair cats are prone to skin allergies and hence their coat should be kept dry to avoid such problems. The loose body hairs may cause irritation. Hence, regular bathing is recommended for avoiding this problem.

American Wire Hair Rescue

The American wire hair rescue is required in following cases

  • When the cat owners are shifting to another locality or going out for long time vacations and can’t carry their cat along with them
  • Cat is suffering from any type of physical disability or long time illness and the owner have left cat alone
  • When the cat owners have tuned older and are not able to take necessary care of their pet
  • When any American wire hair cat is found alone
  • When the cat is neglected or abused due to some reasons

There are thousands national and international organizations working for the rescue of cats. These organizations are also helping the local organizations in their rescue work. If you find any cat of this breed along or neglected, you can contact the nearest American wirehair rescue center and handover the cat to them. These rescue centers take proper care of cats till they are adopted by any homeowner. Rescue centers have trained professional to monitor the health of the cats. These cats are properly checked for any infectious diseases. Hence, it is good to adopt the cats from such rescue centers when you are thinking of getting one.

American Wirehair for Adoption

You can look for the rescue centers nearer to you for adopting the cat of this breed. You can also visit the pet store and look for the appropriate cat. Make sure that you have sufficient knowledge about the cat before you adopt it. Ask for the cat information manual from the staff when you are taking cat home.

American Wirehair Personality

It is a good companion pet. Wirehair is a loving cat and forms a great attachment with the family members. It loves to play but does not need hourly attention. When it is in mood to play, it brings a toy to its guardian. It is a good companion for single people. It is nor over demanding and stays independent. They are tolerant, loyal and playful.


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