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American Polydactyl Cat Breed

American Polydactyl Cat Breed
American Polydactyl Cat Breed

The American polydactyl cat is the cat breed found along the East coast of United States and Southwest England. It is the cat breed with inherited physical abnormality called polydactyl. The cats of this breed have more number of toes than usual on one or more paws. As they are mostly found along the coast of America, they are called as American polydactyl.

The most prominent thing about the cat of this breed is that it generally has up to seven toes on each paw. There are different combinations of digits on each paw, but the number of digits on the front and the back paws generally matches. Below are some physical characteristics of the cats of this breed.

Physical Characteristics

American Polydactyl cats are physically strong with a large and powerful built. It has a wide medium-sized head with strong legs. The bodies of polydactyl are squat and somewhat box-shaped. Their tails are either long or bobtailed. Their hind legs are substantially longer than their front legs and their bodies are generally smaller. They have rounded eyes that are sufficiently wide and angled. Eyes can be of any color. They have widely spaced pointed ears. The fur of the polydactyl can be of any color and length.

American Polydactyl Rescue

Many international organizations are thriving to save the American polydactyl cat breed. They are also helping the local organizations and institutes in the rescue programs held. The cat rescue is required for providing the basic care and affection to the cats having lost their homes. Cat rescue may also be required for the cat in case their owners have left them after they were unable to take proper care of it, or due to the long-term illness act was neglected or abused. The cat rescue organizations take care of all the illnesses of the rescued cats. If you find any American polydactyl lost, you can contact the nearest American polydactyl rescue organization and ask for help.

American Polydactyl for Adoption

You can visit the pet stores if you want to buy an American Polydactyl cat breed for your home. You can also get the cat of this breed at the rescue centers. You can visit any of the cat rescue center nearer to you and look for the American polydactyl cat breed. It is important to check the health of the cat and get it inspected from the vet for any infectious diseases. You can adopt the one that is suitable for your home. Most of the people prefer choosing the kittens instead of the grown up cats.

American Polydactyl Personality

In terms of personality, American polydactyl are very much similar to the other cat breeds. They have more relaxed and mellow personality. They are able to survive even in snowy conditions. They are very much adaptive cats and adapt well to indoor and outdoor life. They are affectionate and loving toward children.



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