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Aegean Cat Breed

Aegean Cat Breed
Aegean Cat Breed

This is the only native cat breed of Greek. It was developed in early 1990s by the Cat Fancy breeders. As it is one of the most recent cat breed from Greece, it is considered to be the rarest breed of cats. The article discusses about the physical characteristics of the cat. It also explains about the Aegean cat rescue programs and personality of the cats of this breed.

Physical Characteristics

The Aegean breed of cats has medium size with the athletic structure. It has long tail and body structure. The head in this breed of cats is broad and ears are widely spread on it. The eyes have the oriental shape with greenish shades. The legs of Aegean cat are strong and paws are rounded. It has the semi long haired coat on body without any hair down with a rich tail. This type of coat provides good protection to body in extreme cold conditions. White is the basic color found in cats of this breed in combination with the other 2-3 colors. Certain of the cats of this breed have stripes on its body. The ears of the cat are round in shape covered with hairs. The Aegean cat has the strong and sturdy body with impressive built.

Aegean Cat rescue

There are many organizations working for the rescue of cats. There are some international organizations that assist the local institutes for the rescue of Aegean cat breed. As this breed is rarely found, these organizations are thriving to rescue the cats of this breed. There are many cases when the cat rescue is required. It may be

  • When the cat owner falls seriously ill or dies and there is no one else to look after the cat.
  • When the lost cat is found to someone and one can’t find the cat owner.
  • The elder owners unable to take proper care of their pet.
  • Abuse or neglect situations.

The Alley cat rescue is an organization from Maryland that works to protect the cats through rescue, adoption and rehabilitation.

The Aegean Cats for Adoption

If you wish to adopt the Aegean cat, you can visit any of the rescue centers and select the appropriate cat. There are plenty things that you should consider when you choose the cat. See whether the cat is physically fit and make sure that it does not suffer from any illness. It is the long term responsibility and make sure that you can handle it.

Aegean Cat Personality

The Aegean cat personality shows that the cats of this breed are extremely intelligent and social felines. They can communicate their needs and they can be very affectionate. Aegean cats are well personalized to humans and make a good companion animal.


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