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How to Keep Your Cat Calm?

How to Keep Your Cat Calm?
How to Keep Your Cat Calm?

Nothing is more delightful than a brand-new kitten, but occasionally these furry balls of energy may be a handful. If your new kitten is so excited that it is jumping off the walls, the experts at PrettyLitter can give you some tips on calming it down.

First, we’ll talk about why kittens are so active. Then, we’ll give you directions on how to make their environment as healthy as possible. Lastly, we’ll talk about some of our favorite ways to make the most of our time together when we play.

Why is my Cat so active?

People sometimes wonder why their kitten is so active after they get it. It is especially true if a kitten was quieter at the shelter but became more friendly after a few days at home.
This newfound energy is perfectly normal. Kittens play to learn how to be cats as adults and to practice some of the most important things they need to know, like how to run, climb, and attack. As your kitten gets older and learns more about their environment, they might act even more aggressively as they test the limits. It could mean they climb on furniture, play rough with their claws and teeth, or hurt other pets in the house.

All these things are normal for a cat to do as it grows up, but it’s important to know how to change them. You don’t want to put yourself, your Cat, or your things at risk of getting hurt. So let’s look at some ways to calm a hyper kitten down.

Advice on How to Calm Down a Kitten

Every Cat is different and will find different ways to use its energy. These tips will help create a safe environment where your kitten can play to its heart’s content (without hurting anything in the process!).

Create a Regular Playtime

Cats like having the same schedule every day, and if you play with them simultaneously every day, they will learn that it’s time to let off steam. Of course, depending on your kitten, it could be more than once a day. In this article, we’ll talk more about appropriate play and how to use your Cat’s wild energy, but the first step is to set up a regular time for play.

Depending on your Cat’s activity, this playtime could last 10 or 30 minutes! Most cat experts say adults should get at least 30 minutes of playtime daily, but young cats probably need even more.

There are many places to play.

One of the great things you can do for your Cat’s health is to give it a stimulating environment. If you keep your Cat inside, you should try to give it as much of the stimulation it would get from being outside as you can. It means putting multiple scratching posts in places where your Cat will use them, giving your different cat levels to climb on with cat trees, windowsills, and shelves, and giving your cozy cat places to hide or sleep.

When you give your indoor Cat all the things they need to play with, they are more likely to use their energy to play instead of scratching your couch or chasing your toes, which you don’t want them to do. And if you don’t have much space inside, you can also take your Cat outside to get some exercise.

Make space for a kitten.

You can give your kitten lots of enrichment and make a space that is just for it. When they can’t get all their energy out, and you have to make a video call, put your Cat in their own space with calming music, lots of toys, food, and water. It could also work if you’ve been trying to figure out where to put the litter box in your house.

How to Play with a Hyper Cat

Of course, the best way to get a kitten to calm down is to use its energy to play so it gets tired and learns how to play instead of destroying things or being a nuisance.
We discussed how important it is to play with your new kitten daily. Once you have a plan, it’s time to learn how to play with your Cat in a safe and fun way for both of you.

Don’t touch or move anything.

The first thing to remember when playing with a hyperactive kitten is not to play with your fingers or toes. They will want to hit your feet when you walk or your fingers when you type. They may be adorable when they are little kittens, but as they get older, it can be dangerous.

Please ensure you always have a fun cat toy on hand, so they don’t want to play with your fingers. Toy wands with extra parts on end are always a hit. Or you could use the tried-and-true crumpled-up receipt, cotton swab, or hair tie!

Imitate their instincts to hunt.

Learning how to play with your Cat well can make all the difference between a hyperactive cat and one who is happy and tired. But, of course, the best way to play with your Cat is to imitate their hunt.

Instead of wildly moving a wand toy around and hoping your Cat will chase it, build up the excitement by dragging it or moving it around slowly and trying to time its jump. If you could watch a cat hunt in real life, you would see it find a hurt bird or mouse and follow it until it was the right time to strike. So instead, move the toy around the corner, put it under a blanket, or make rustling sounds to make it seem like the toy is struggling. You’ll get your Cat’s attention quickly, and once they start hunting, you can’t stop them!

Try out a wide range of toys.

Just like kids, cats have different tastes in what toys they like. So try out many different things, like crinkle balls, feather toys, and battery-operated toys like the best cat laser toy, to see what your Cat likes best.

Don’t want to buy new toys all the time? Change your Cat’s toys often to make them seem brand new. If you catch your Cat getting bored with the same two or three toys you always play with, put those toys away and bring out some new ones. They will look brand new to your Cat.

Start slow and end slow.

Cats need to warm up before playing and cool down after playing, just like we do when we exercise. As hunters, cats need to know when the chase is over and that they have caught their prey to feel happy. When you’re playing with your Cat, move the toy more slowly, so it’s easier for your Cat to catch it. It will teach them that it’s time to stop playing and satisfy their desire to hunt.

How to Get a Hyper Kitten to Calm Down

As you can see, the key to calming down a hyper kitten is to get them to use their energy differently. Young cats are hyper because they are still learning about the world and how to act like cats. As pet owners, it’s our job to ensure they have the best environment possible. It means that they get to play often, have a lot of places to play, and have a place to go to calm down.

Just as important is the way you play with your Cat. Keep in mind not to use your fingers and toes as toys; try out a lot of various toys to see which ones your Cat likes best, and play smarter, not always harder, to mimic your Cat’s natural hunting instincts. Lastly, giving your Cat a chance to “cool down” after they catch their prey and feel happy about it is a good way to calm them down and make them feel like they did something good.


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