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Do Siamese cats like Water?

Do Siamese cats like Water?
Do Siamese cats like Water?

People often think cats don’t like water very much, as if they were allergic to it. Please give them a quick spray; we expect them to run away when they see you. But this doesn’t always happen. Some cats don’t get too upset when they get a few drops of water. In the case of Siamese cats, they seem to be more tolerant of water, but do they enjoy it at all?

The Siamese cat doesn’t want to get too wet. Instead, he’d rather play with it. He generally likes water, but not so much it will soak his coat. It may seem like an odd thing to do, but it’s thought to be typical of this breed. Here’s more about how the cat interacts with water.

4 Things that make Siamese cats love water

It may sound bizarre to hear that a cat likes water, but if you know anything about the Siamese cat, this shouldn’t surprise you. Each breed is different, and the Thai cat is especially interesting and unique. So let’s find out why the Siamese cat loves water for four reasons.

It is in his nature.

Do you know how strong cats’ instincts are? It is well-known that your cat can find his way back even if you take him miles away from home. It isn’t just something the Siamese cat is born to do. Just by listening, he can find where the water is moving. If the water source doesn’t move, though, the cat won’t be able to find it.

Since the cat is so good at finding water, it doesn’t matter if he doesn’t always have fresh water in his bowl. He can find different places and get what he needs.

Nature at Play

The Siamese cat is said to be one of the most playful breeds. His little body is full of energy, and he will do almost anything to keep himself busy. One method is to go to your sink and play with the water drops that fall from the faucet.

Even more, water running will make his eyes widen with interest, especially if it is noisy.

Extremely Curious

Cats are very curious. If they find something interesting, they will look into it more. Siamese cats are no different. It might explain why your cat peeks through the shower curtain every time you take a shower or why he runs into the bathroom when you’re taking a bath and watches you play with water.

Fish Could Be There

It’s no surprise that cats like to fish. And most of the time, they would think of fresh fish swimming in running water. If you take your Siamese catfishing in the river with you often, he will learn that water always has fish. Try running water in a tub at home, and he’ll act like he’s still in the river.

4 Indications That Your Siamese Cat Enjoys the Water

It won’t be hard to determine if your Siamese cat likes to play in the water. Just watch him for a while, and you’ll be able to start concluding. Here’s a list of signs that will show you how much your cat loves getting wet:

He likes to hang out in the bathroom or toilet.

Even cats like cool spots in the house. That means you can find him hanging out in your bathroom, sitting on the toilet seat, or in the tub. He might know that this is the part of the house with the most water and be waiting for the faucets to start dripping. But, on the other hand, if he meows and makes a lot of noise, it could be that he wants to play in the water.

He can’t get enough of water faucets.

Cats can be amused by almost anything, especially if it’s something they haven’t seen before. If you try to follow him around, he might end up in the kitchen sink, among other places. On the other hand, if he is easily mesmerized by the slow drops of water, he is not afraid of water.

He enjoys playing in the Sink.

When you first start bathing a cat, it might be hard. But once your cat gets used to the new routine, he’ll probably find it fun to splash around in the water in the bathroom sink. In addition, he will love how the surface feels on his paw pads because it is smooth and slippery.

He plays with his bowl of water.

As a pet owner, seeing your Siamese cat play with his water bowl instead of drinking from it is one of the silliest but most memorable things you can see. Most of the time, cats try to avoid getting wet, but if he dips one of his paws on purpose in his bowl, he might like how the water feels!

Signs Your Siamese Cat Doesn’t Like Water

Each cat is different, so you can’t assume that all Siamese cats will love being in the water or playing in a shallow tub. You have to pay attention to what scares your cat so you don’t put him through things that can scar him. Also, you wouldn’t want to pick him up and end up with painful scratches when he spots water and tries to get away from you.

Here are some signs that he doesn’t like water:

  • He runs inside when it starts to rain
  • He doesn’t go near the pool, and he doesn’t swim.
  • You don’t see him in the bathroom very often.
  • Only outside the bathroom does he wait for you.
  • Rarely do you see him take a sip
  • He makes sure not to be near any water source.
  • He goes crazy when he sees water.
  • He says he doesn’t like it with a series of meows.

Maximize the Siamese Cat’s Experience With Water.

Also, if it’s pretty clear that the Siamese cat enjoys seeing water and playing in it, why not let him do what makes him happy? You can do many different things to keep this smart and active cat happy and busy. If you need some time to yourself, your Siamese cat can give you some space while he does things that involve his love of water.

Here are some suggestions:

  • Could you make a small water fountain for him?
  • Invest on cat toys packed with water
  • Make it leisurely for him to get to your bathroom.
  • Give him baths often.
  • If he’s in your pool, make sure it’s safe.


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