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Flamepoint Siamese Cat-A Lovely Friend.

Flamepoint Siamese Cat-A Lovely Friend.
Flamepoint Siamese Cat

A rare and beautiful cat breed designed to captivate you and win a special place in your heart.

Are you looking for the great love of your life? Do you want to be drawn in and smitten by amazing blue eyes, creamy fur and a loving heart? If so, you may find everything you’re looking for when you meet your first Flame Point Siamese cat. Within minutes you may find yourself opening your heart and home to this intelligent, beguiling and most handsome of cat breeds.

Is a Flame Point Siamese really a Siamese?

Proud owners of Flame Points will not be too concerned that the Cat Fanciers Association of the United States actually classifies Flame Points as a separate breed termed “Colorpoint Shorthairs.” PetMD notes Colorpoint Shorthairs are considered to be first cousins of the Siamese breed. The Cat Fancy’s Governing Council,, the breed registry of the United Kingdom, has a slight different viewpoint. According to Life With Siamese Cats, the governing council recognize the breed as Siamese, however they use the term Red Point Siamese not Flame Point Siamese. Regardless of the official classification, owners of Flame Points know that indeed, they have a special member in their family.

The Charm of the Flame Point

New owners of Flame Points may think they have actually adopted a dog such as a Labrador or Golden Retriever instead of a cat. Siamese are considered to be very dog-like in nature. They are intelligent, loyal and unlike many other breeds of cats, they fully enjoy (and may insist upon) a daily relaxing belly rub. Siamese are also well known for their tendency to vocalize most of their thoughts and opinions. Their frequent conversations are so meaningful and entertaining that most owners will simply be appreciative of the fact that their Siamese is a “good communicator.”

Siamese cats are well known for their intelligent and demanding nature. If they find a game they like to play they will clearly and repeatedly let everyone know (sometimes for months) that they must be given a chance to play their favorite game until they tire. After such rousing fun, they will be more than ready for a nice belly rub and a cuddly snooze on an accommodating lap.

Flame Points are very social and active creatures. They like nice people and will probably be happier if there is another cat in the house with which they can be buddies. As any owner will tell you, be prepared for lively and unexplained gallops through the house coupled with loud, yet meaningful verbal expressions that only a fellow Siamese would probably understand. As it was pointed out in “Siamese Are Eager to Please” (Jordon, 2011), “Almost everything they do is like a clown in a cat’s body, which is probably why their owners love spending so much time with them.”

Flash Points need Loving Commitment

Over time, one realizes that their furry best friend is truly irreplaceable and a Siamese may need just that kind of love and commitment. The mature Siamese will still be fun-loving but may need some assistance from its owner to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Siamese, males in particular, are prone to a disease called “megacolon” and will very likely need daily medication if they contract this disease. Megacolon is a disease where the colon has a reduced ability to function properly which produces chronic constipation. As in humans, a lack of bowel movements in cats can be life threatening. Fortunately a prompt visit with a qualified veterinarian can do much to address any health issues.

A Love so Grand

It’s no doubt that people often turn to dogs and cats to give and receive unconditional love. The Flash Point Siamese known for their demanding nature will ask for generous amounts of love and attention. In return, they are able to give back all the love they receive in such a unique way that you’ll know yours is a relationship that is rare and precious.


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