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Burmilla Cat Breed

Burmilla Cat Breed
Burmilla Cat Breed

Burmilla Cat Breed is a hybrid of a cross between the Chinchilla Persian and Burmese cat breeds. It was created unintentionally. A cat of Chinchilla Persian breed and a lilac Burmese breed were awaiting a partner of their own breed in different rooms. One night while cleaning, the cleaner left the door open and the two cats bred four kittens in 1981. Below some important physical characteristics, cat rescue details, Burmilla breed for adoption, its personality and other relevant details are discussed briefly.

Physical Characteristics

The Burmilla is a beautiful medium size cat. It has a striking color contrast with delicate tracings of tabby markings on head, legs and tail. Burmilla cats have muscular and well built body structure with round faces and short muzzles. They weigh around 8-10 lbs. The eye color is green in most cats while blue in few. It has the distinctive feature of dark penciling around its eyes. The cat looks like it has applied an eye liner. It has large almond shaped eyes. The body coat of cat is short, thick and silky. As the Burmillas are evolved from the crossing of Chinchillas, they can carry Chinchillas’s long-hair genes. It is possible that sometimes a short-haired parent may give birth to the long-haired kitten.

Burmilla Cat Rescue

Burmilla is the cat breed developed in 1981. Since then it became the most popular breed in United Kingdom and gained the championship status in 1990. There are many national and international cat rescue organizations working in US and UK for the rescue of the cats of this breed. You can contact the nearest cat rescue center if you find any Burmilla alone without home. Cat rescue is required if cat is found alone or in trouble. These rescue teams help the cats to become physically fit. After getting fit and healthy, these cats are made available for adoption at the rescue centers. There are various reasons when the cat rescue is required. By providing the home to the cat you can be helpful to the one in need.

Burmilla Cats for Adoption

When you are in search for a Burmilla cat for adopting as a house pet, you can look for the cat at the cat rescue centers. The aim of these rescue centers is to provide home to the forbidden cats. Adopting the cat from such rescue centers, you will not only help the cat and but also support the task undertaken by these rescue teams.

You don’t have to worry about any health problems of the cat. These cats are properly examined for any infectious diseases by the trained professionals and then made available for the adoption.

Burmilla Cat Personality

Burmilla cats have playful nature but they are not over active. They are quiet cats and love to play. They like to play with their own toys and scratching posts. They are affectionate and loyal and like to get attention of the viewers. They enjoy being a part of the family. They are extremely intelligent creatures and hence can be taught easily. They are gentle, fun loving and sweet tempered breed.

Burmilla Grooming, Diet and Care

As Burmillas are mostly short-haired cats, they required low maintenance. A single brushing or combing in a week is sufficient to remove the dead and loose hairs (See the difference between lose and loose, also hair is itself plural you do not need to write hairs and keep the coat healthy and shiny. It is good if you bath the cat once in a week. This will aid in maintaining the coat’s health and provide a shiny glow. Most cat breeders give their pet the healthy cat food. It should be fed with the diet that is rich in proteins, fats, carbohydrates, minerals and vitamins. Fresh water should be always made available.


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